Disassembling mag coil

I took the coil for the magneto that you see above apart today.

With this magneto I will be using its distributor in combination with the car high voltage ignition coil, but I am also going to use the rotor and the coil to generate power to charge the battery.

At least that is the plan. Warren, at work, is going to modify the rotor and rewind the coil. So today I removed the high voltage winding’s. Millions of winding’s, thin as a hair, or even thinner I would say:


Then found a massive capacitor between the high voltage coil and the primary winding’s:



With the beginning of the two sides of the “rolled up capacitor”

And the primary winding:


This primary winding will be used initially to do some measurements, but will probably be re-wound to get the right voltage for charging the battery.

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