Weight of engine

Decided a little while ago that I wasn’t going to try this “new” magneto and adjust the contacts in the distributor until the engine is on the plane in its final place….

Just to save time. Might as well do it all at the very end, when the plane is ready and the engine goes on.

Got a chain hoist from work to lift it from the trailer (below left) and was using the bathroom scales to measure the weight (below right) Its 118.5kg, including the 2 bits of angled steel.



So the weight of the engine with the red engine frame and the 2 bits of L profile steel is 118.5Kg


Minus 13.2 Kg for the 2 bracing bits of the same steel with the same length is:
105.3 Kg for the engine, assuming that my new engine frame will be similar in weight.

Just looked up the weight of the Rotec engine Pascal used, the R2800. That one is 102Kg, so just perfect !!!!

Its identical, if the red engine frame is 3 Kg………..

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