Trailing edge

Yesterday 2 hours and today 5 hours on the left wing. Aileron and wing tip left to do. Below a few more pics. Started the trailing tube on the right wing now, going well 🙂

Hopefully next weekend I can start on the ailerons. That means making a whole lot of ribs from sheet material 🙁


Above you see the fuselage end of the left wing. The two spars stick out 2″. This will result in a 2″ gap between wing and fuselage.

The leading edge tube sticks out 2″ as well. I have done this so the tube for the Pitot tube (for measuring the air speed) can “get” into the fuselage nicely. The leading edge tube is also used for the wiring of my wing tip lights. Not sure when that will be as they are a bit on the expensive side.

On the left, on the trailing tube you see 4 hinges hold in place with some black tape for now. These hinges are for the ailerons.


Above the left wing tip. Here a thinner tube will start from the leading edge tube, and will bend nicely “through” the front spar, to the back, “through” the back spar, and “into” the ailerons. That will be an interesting exercise. After this “perimeter tube is done, I will start on the last rib. You can just see the two markings for the position of that last rib on the front spar. That rib will have the same shape as the other ones but will be thinner and shorter.


Happy with this wing so far !!!

More work on the right wing tomorrow hopefully 🙂

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