4 Ribs

Very happy !! Today I put the 2 ribs on each of the two wings closest to the “lift” and “landing” cables. I wanted these as close as possible, for a good reason…
OK will explain: Where the steel cables go through the “skin” of the wing, I will have a piece of aluminium sheet, with some leather to create a nice “seal”. The fabric on the wing will be glue-ed on the alu sheet.

Just had the two wings on the plane like you see above, to check how the strings (for now) go past the ribs. And yes it all works out really well.

So now I have these 2 ribs on each wing, I can finish each wing on the bench in the garage:


Might not be that obvious, but the front bracket of these two ribs are different from the other ones, see below. This is to make room for the landing cables going “through” the front of the rib.


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