Bracing the spar assembly

Started bracing the spar assembly. All went very well 🙂

Fuselage outside, wing inside. Was very windy tonight, but nice and warm, 12 deg C in the middle of winter 🙂

Fixed the cables on one end, and tightened them from the other end, both at the same time so I could adjust the squareness of the whole structure, when doing the first 2 diagonals. When doing the 2nd and 3rd, I used a string on the outside of the spar to make sure it was straight.



String to check for a straight spar !




With all the temporarily cables (strings) tied to the wing, I checked the position of the two ribs closest to the cables (strings).

So now I can start putting all the ribs on, starting with these 2 and then spacing out all the other ones.

Tomorrow I will brace the right wing, and then I can start putting the ribs on !!


Fixed on one side (above). Pulling tight on other side (bottom)




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