Not good, and a bit disappointed !

Just got an email back from Pascal, he basically used that jig shown above and did a lot of final adjusting by hand to get all his ribs right, as there is no Jig for the Bleriot wing.

Also just spoken with Robert, and yes, every plane is different, and it’s not that there is a jig for every plane. He basically uses the one jig for everything.

He suggested to just put blocks on the bench and start bending and keep on adjusting the blocks until it’s right.

Also other people on the airdrome_builders forum made noises that the one jig is used for all planes (except for Bleriot Grrrrrr) and its just a matter of bending to the right point of the jig on how much bend you want…..

A bit disappointed with that but ah well typical Robert; “all very vague, and not a lot of detail”.

I will probably end up making the perfect jig and mail the drawing to him for future Bleriot builders 🙂

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