Build a crimping tool

This is going my crimping tool. A cheap Chinese bolt cutter and a piece of steel tube with ID 8mm, the size of a crimped sleeve. All I need to do is create a hole on an angle through the cutting blades, weld in the steel tube, and get an metal hack saw and open up the tube, so the “cutter” can open and close again ๐Ÿ™‚
Be back in a few days !



Internal bracings

Yesterday and today, I finished all the “internal” bracings as the one shown above. All of that went good.

But then I started doing the “outside” ones. A problem I have there is that I can’t or at least its hard to position the crimping tool properly. There are to many tubes in the way. The tool needs to be at right angles with the crimp, and facing away from the opening of the thimble if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

So now I am thinking of getting an old crimping tool and modify it so the remaining about 70 crimps are going to be a lot easier.
Hopefully soon I can show you my new tool !!

Oh yes last week I started a new job, so at the end of the day I was a bit burned out, but hopefully coming week I can start working a bit on the plane in the evening’s………

Tail skid frame

Here is the tail skid frame ! Its held in position with the same bolts that I have used for the bracing brackets.




And the first bit of bracing of the back half of the fuselage is done here.

To the right of the diagonal steel wire bracing is the front half of the fuselage. Some of that will be covered with fabric.


To the left is the back half of the fuselage. All of it will be an open frame with steel wire bracing as you see here.



I also added some photos in the landing gear page as that is now also braced !!!!


Bracing back half of fuselage

In the last 3 days worked a bit on the bracing of the back half of the fuselage. Robert supplies 1/8″ steel wire for the bracing (#8 fence wire), but I decided to used steel cable, the same as used for bracing lots of other “things” in the plane. It’s a bit more expensive but a lot easier I think.



I made 20 brackets shown above. They are mounted in the “corners” of all the “boxes” that will be braced.ย Also worked on the frame that holds the tail skid. Will show that tomorrow ! ๐Ÿ™‚

The cabine

Yesterday and today I workedย on the cabine. This is the “tower” that is going to hold the wing when I am not flying. Steel cables will be attached going down to the wings.




Also started with the lift structure underneath the fuselage. This will have the steel cables connected to it for holding the wings down while I am flying !


This is what it looks like at the moment !!!!!!!

In the next few weeks when I have tires I will pull it out of the shed and make more photo’s of the whole “thing” ๐Ÿ™‚