Moved fuselage into the shed

Moved the front of the fuselage into the shed today. How exciting!!
I did slide in the back half that’s made with 7/8″ tube into the 1″ tube of the front half. Also did bend the last section of the tail shown in the photo here on the right.

Seeing the whole fuselage now is impressive. Its so big, I mean long.

And yes its a lot longer then any of the other model’s that Robert produces.


Finished 2 forks

Spend a few hours this weekend on the landing gear. finished the 2 forks, see photo above, and started with the connections from the bottom of the fork, back up to the slider. You can see this “slider” in the same photo above at the bottom of the round tube. I might get some tires this week, so that I can roll the front fuselage out of the garage next weekend. Its all getting a bit heavier now with the landing gear almost completely in place !

Banging 1″ square tube

Spent 2 hours but felt like it was all day on banging the 1″ square tube inside the bottom oval tube. But with the help of Rutger, my 12 year old son it all went a bit easier. The big problem is that the tube has been squashed a bit to much by Robert. But its all looking good now !


Next some brackets to make the connection (see below) between bottom tube and two tubes going up.